May 26

Adventures at Kingsmead Book Fair 2015

photo 1 This weekend I went on a wonderful adventure to Rosebank to attend my first ever book fair with the giddiness of a little girl in the hope of spotting some famous authors!

In all honesty the fair reminded me a bit of an engineering conference where you have a whole lot of sessions each discussing a particular subject. The only difference: you are surrounded by books, wine, books, food, books, coffee and some more books.


The sessions were actually informative, fun and engaging. It’s the only place where you are privy to the inside workings of these literary geniuses. We managed to attend two sessions at the fair, but would have loved to attend more if all the interesting ones weren’t happening in parallel.

Sense and Sensibility

This was a not to be missed session for us. How many times do you have the opportunity to see Sarah Waters live? Probably not a lot, and after missing Jodi Picoult’s book tour earlier this year, we were not going to miss this opportunity. And hey, how many mainstream books are out there with lesbianism at the centre of it? Not a lot!

This session saw the likes of Sarah Waters (The Paying Guests) and our local Craig Higginson (The Dream House) talking about the places that shaped their stories and why they chose to focus on the specific topic of their books. Admittedly we were a bit bored in the beginning, but the chair kept it light and eventually the funny stories started to surface.

Sorry we sat right at the back. From left, Sue Grant-Marshall (Chair), Sarah Waters (The Paying Guest) and Craig Higginson (The Dream House)

Twisted Mysteries

Need I say more! Three local authors talked about their debut novels in this session, Miranda Sherry (Black Dog Summer),  Cayleigh Bright (Close to Home) and Alex van Tonder (This One Time). It was great to hear the young new voices of SA and I must say all three sound brilliant! We also enjoyed the discussion surrounding This One Time’s social media theme and in hindsight I should’ve attended the Digital Overload session as well.

Three local murder-mystery debut authors. From left, Miranda Sherry (Black Dog Summer), Cayleigh Bright (Close to Home), Alex van Tonder (This One Time) and Kate Sidley (Chair).

I’m also happy to report, that I have an addiction. That is a book addiction! Even though my TBR list is endless and I don’t think I’ll ever get it manageable we just couldn’t walk away without a few signed copies from the authors we saw! Obviously I went for the local murder-mysteries, but we couldn’t pass up Sarah Waters! My girlfriend was star struck for a few seconds while she was signing our copy, just wished I could’ve captured that on film. Alas, it is branded into my memory though!

photo 2

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  1. By Elmien on

    Wow, it sounds like an awesome experience….thanks for sharing…it feels as if I was there…reading it through your eyes.


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