September 30

Book Haul at Exclusive Books Pop-Up Sale

Those of you who follow me on Twitter or Instagram would have noticed that I had a book-filled weekend! Exclusive Books hosted a Pop-Up Sale in Johannesburg from 24 – 29 September 2014. Even though Jo’burg is a long drive from Pretoria, I could not miss this opportunity. So I grabbed my girlfriend, luckily also a book lover, and we headed down to Jo’burg for a book-filled morning.


Filled with excitement, I couldn’t wait to get there and I just hoped that there were still a few good books left, after all this sale had been going since last week Wednesday. Luckily the tables were still filled with books – a bookworms’ dream. You can’t deny it, we all secretly hope to have a warehouse just dedicated to books. 🙂

EB Warehouse 1

EB Warehouse 2

50 km’s, 3 hours and 48 books later we were done. We had managed to cover the entire warehouse, searching for those gems. And trust my girlfriend to find a few interesting non-fiction books in a warehouse mainly filled with fiction with a touch of non-fictions.

Book Haul

As The Mystery Corner loves mystery and crime fiction, I isolated the possible books we could discuss in future Murder Mystery Book Clubs. Obviously, this gets added to the already long list of “must reads”. 🙂 So it might be a while before I get to it.

Book Haul - Crime Fiction

Anyhow, this book haul also made me realise that there is something missing on The Mystery Corner… an events page. I think it would be great to make sure all book lovers are aware of any events in their area. Obviously I’m going to limit this to South Africa and I will try my utmost to keep you informed.

Did a book haul recently? Share your experience below?

Happy Hunting!

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