April 28

Like Clockwork by Margie Orford

Like ClockworkLike Clockwork by Margie Orford
Published in 2010 (Originally published in South Africa, 2006)
Publisher: Atlantic Books
Genre: Crime Thriller
Pages: 314
Source: Bought as a gift and then borrowed
When a beautiful young woman is found murdered on Cape Town’s Sea Point promenade, police profiler Dr. Clare Hart is drawn into the web of a brutal serial killer. As more bodies are discovered, Clare is forced to revisit memories of the horrific rape of her twin sister and the gang ties that bind the city’s crime rings. Are the murders really linked to human trafficking, or is the killer just playing sick games with her?

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December 2

Book Club: Water Music by Margie Orford

Water Music CoverWater Music by Margie Orford
Series: #5 in the Clare Hart series
Published in 2013
Publisher: Jonathan Ball Publishers
Genre: Crime Thriller
Pages: 330
Source: Bought at Exclusive Books

Cassi yanked at the sheet of black plastic, exposing a swaddled child. Matted black hair, pale bruised skin. A girl. Maybe three years old. So thin, her knees drawn up to her chest, stick-like arms wrapped around them. The child was blue with cold.

When an emaciated child is found on an icy Cape mountainside, profiler Dr. Clare Hart is baffled that no one has reported her missing. Where does she come from, who does she belong to? To further complicate matters, a distraught man pleads with Clare to find his missing granddaughter, Rosa, a gifted but troubled young cellist who has abandoned her music scholarship.

In a race against time, Clare battles to unravel the two cases and locate the missing Rosa. As winter tightens its grip, she is confronted by chilling secrets in a context where criminals act with increasing impunity and the police can no longer be trusted. Amidst the frenzy of the investigation, Clare must also bear a secret of her own. 

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