September 23

Why not divide the fiction section in book stores?

So you’ve just gotten you’re delicious coffee, with wings of course… You’re heading into your favourite bookstore and it’s time to check out the latest in mystery and crime fiction. But do you know where to start? This is part of the problem for me, in our bookshops popular fiction is a huge section, covering everything from mystery to horror. So unless you know the author and the genre in which they write, it is a bit of a struggle to get that mystery book you desperately want.


So why do other genres such as science fiction, fantasy, psychology, mythology, DIY, religion, travel and even erotica get their own sections? Why can’t we subdivide the popular fiction section? Fantasy, science fiction and young adult already have their own sections, so what is left? Suspense, thriller, horror, crime and mystery. And then, as seen in a previous post there is still blurred lines between suspense/thriller and crime/mystery. So in essence we only have three subsections. So why not have more clear distinctions in the popular fiction section?

Could one reason be because of the cross overs between genres? Like mystery thrillers, crime horrors, suspense thrillers. With writers crossing over into other genres, the lines are definitely blurred. So book sellers could possibly feel that instead of trying to sift through the massive range of authors, they just stack them in one section – fiction.

Do you have this issue in your book stores? Any thoughts?

Happy Hunting!

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Posted September 23, 2014 by Natasha B in category "Book Musings

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