May 5

5 Ways I Choose My Next Read

This year I’ve completely given over my reading freedom to the infamous TBR jar (read post here), which chooses my next read. But how do I normally go about this ever increasingly difficult choice? Well, there are primarily five things I consider when deciding, whether it is from my own bookshelf or a book store.

Disclaimer: I own each one of the books mentioned, but I haven’t necessarily read all of them yet. A lot of them are in the TBR jar and will find their way onto The Mystery Corner in the due course, others I read aeons ago.

1. Awesome Cover

This one is quite obvious. I like pretty (or horrific) pictures and normally the very first thing I notice is the book cover. Put some blood-soaked object or supernatural effect on a cover and I’m most probably going to check it out. Some of my reads that were purely based on the cover:



2. Catchy Title

A catchy, interesting, riddled with suspense title entices me just enough to pick up the book and I almost always end up buying it! Here are some of the more interesting titles that got my attention:



3. Enticing Blurb

So I sort of like the cover, title doesn’t sound too bad, but I’m not yet fully convinced. This is when I turn the book over and check out the blurb. If the first sentence doesn’t peak my interest, I don’t even bother further and the book goes straight back. But these were successful in finding their way to my bookshelf:



4. Favourite Author

We all have them. And let’s face it, you don’t care about the cover, title or blurb. You KNOW the read will be awesome. This is an ever-growing list, but some of my favourite authors include:



5. You absolutely should read…

And last but definitely not the least, the recommendations from your bookish friends. This is probably the best way to ensure you will have a great read, especially if your tastes are the same as the recommender. Some friends have recommended I read a specific book, others just recommend authors. Some of the great reads I’ve discovered via recommendations (Persuader by Lee Child is the only one I don’t own, I borrowed it):



Do you have a ritual when choosing/buying a new read?

Happy Hunting!


* All images are either from Google Books or the author’s websites.

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