June 13

Murder in Sin City

Last week Saturday was the big day, I finally hosted my first Murder Mystery in celebration of the big 3-0! And it was EPIC! Everyone had so much fun and I just loved that they went all out with not only dressing the part, but playing it as well! Having never been a part of any Murder Mystery evening, either as a guest or host, the first logical step was Google. I ended up buying a kit at Night of Murder which included the invitations, hosting guide, character sheets and objectives, decorations and many more. So which theme did I go for? Well the one that stood out most for me was Murder in Sin City. Who doesn’t enjoy an evening filled with murder, drinking and gambling? Great combination!

I decided to host the murder in my garage, so the first order of business was to convert it into a casino. And being the crafty person that I am, I decided to make all the decorations rather than just buying them and thus my garage was transformed into the Paramount Casino! Looking back, I should’ve definitely taken a photo or two to show off the awesome garage. But hey, I was busy… drinking. 🙂 We also decided to move away from the traditional bring and braai, rather opting for a dinner buffet and open bar. We served up some cheese and crackers, delicious chicken and meatballs with a side of veg and potatoes and for desert, casino cupcakes and chocolate mousse. It was mouthwatering!

Murder in Sin City Decorations and Food

The best part of the evening though was the dress up and role playing! Everyone had an awesome time and really got down to it! Thanks again you guys, it was epic! It was a great adventure trying to find the murderer. Although Agent Avery had a very hard time as everybody lied and side-stepped her, but she did get the culprit in the end. We also had some prizes at the end of the evening for: dressed to kill (Lucy Legs), drama queen (Hustling Hailey), high roller (Elvis) and master sleuth (Mimi Martini, Ace High, Cole Conway, Agent Avery).

Murder in Sin City Cast

* Hustling Hailey image from Flickr

I’m definitely planning on some more Murder Mystery evenings in the future! Might even try and write one myself one day! However it is a hell of a lot of organising, so it won’t be happening any time soon. 🙂

Fun Photies

Do you like Murder Mysteries? Do share your experience?!

Happy Hunting!

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