November 24

My NaNoWriMo 2015 Adventures: Part 3 of 5

Ok, so last week I said that novel writing is by no means my forte and guess what? That is still holding true. Last week I managed to not conform to history and fall into the Week 2 dip, but I think I almost made up for that this week. LoL! The worst is, I have no excuses. I just chose not to write as much. Instead I was working on my outfit for my year end function. 😛 The theme was Back to the Future and I had this idea to go as Marty in the Delorean (that is the time travelling car for those that don’t know). So I dusted off my crafting kit, bought a few new supplies and for three days I was engulfed with this project. As a result NaNoWriMo took a back seat, but the Delorean looked amazing!

Back to the topic at hand… My weekly word count. I only managed about 198 words more than Week 1 (5744 words). So it wasn’t my worst week, but by no means my best either. That trophy still goes to Week 2 (8377 words). For Week 3 though I managed another 5942 words, which pushed me over the 20 000 mark and brought my total up to 20 064 words. Needless to say, I’m still very far behind. I should have had around 35 000 words by the end of Week 3.
Crunch time this week! I will be a NaNoWriMo winner! (Maybe if I say that enough times it will become true.)

NaNoW3Another thing I need to admit is that I am no longer sticking to just my initial novel idea. I’ve lost my inspiration for working on it, I guess I’ve made peace with the people I would’ve killed off. 😛 I’m still writing scenes on the novel as and when inspiration hits, but in between I’ll be working on some short story ideas as well and journalling about writing.

To bring up my word count, some might consider this cheating but I’m beyond the point of caring, I’m including everything I write. Yes, that means this blog post and the article I’m working on at work will also be counting towards Week 4’s word count. And everything else I might think of.

Don’t judge until you’ve gone through NaNoWriMo!

Happy Hunting!

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  1. yolandesteynBy yolandesteyn on

    Hi ! thank you for the update: Its not cheating its called working and beating the system. Respect !
    I think even replies to comments on this blog should be included in your word count , What do YOU think ???

    1. By Natasha B (Post author) on

      I like the way you think! Working and beating the system is my new game. “Even at work”, she whispers. 😛
      I am going to agree with you and use these 58 words to up that word count as well. After all as long as I wrote them during the month of November they should count, right? 😛


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