Reading Challenges

This page is dedicated to the reading challenges I’ve undertaken in the past. Please feel free to poke around. The ultimate challenge is to read more and more every single year.


This year, I’m keeping things simple. Only one single challenge, and that is the Goodreads challenge. I’ve pledged to read a total of 20 books this year, which is almost 2 a month. I think I can do it, and yes I’m counting graphic novels. Check out my list of conquered books.

2015 (15 books)

I was extremely ambitious and decided to tackle two different challenges:

  1. Discovering new Local Authors and
  2. Clearing that dreaded TBR pile.

I don’t count the Goodreads challenge as all the books I read for the other two count towards it. You can read more about the challenges here. All I can say is that, sadly, I did not manage to meet my quota in the end. :'( On a happier note though, I did end up reading 15 books!