Reading Challenges 2015

This page is solely dedicated to my 2015 Reading Challenges. Here you will find updated information on my progress and links to the reviews for each of the books I’ll be reading. You can read more about the detail of the challenges in my introductory post as I’m only going to give a summary here.

2015 Local Author Reading Challenge2015LocalChallenge

The idea here is to discover at least 6 new local authors during the course of the year that I haven’t reviewed yet. So unfortunately Irma Venter, Deon Meyer, Lauren Beukes and Margie Orford are sitting this one out. It does however not prevent me from still reading books by these authors, they just won’t count towards this challenge.

 Current Count: 2

1. Seisoen van Sonde – Chris Karsten

2. Skadustemme – Joanne Macgregor


2015 TBTBR Jar 2015R Reading Challenge

As implied by the title, this challenge is all about minimizing that dreaded TBR (to be read) pile. I currently have about 50 books in the pile that I really want to read and I’ve set the challenge to at least finish 12 during the year. If I can do more that would be great! Beware, you will see a range of different genres here not just murder-mysteries.

 Current Count: 9

1. Moxy Land – Lauren Beukes

2. The Case of the General’s Thumb – Andrey Kurkov

3. Like Clockwork – Margie Orford

4. Legion and The Emperor’s Soul – Brandon Sanderson

5. Leaving Time – Jodi Picoult

6. Anathem – Neal Stephenson

7. The Crime of Reason: And the Closing of the Scientific Mind – Robert B. Laughlin

8. Game of Thrones – George RR. Martin

9. The Three – Sarah Lotz [review in progress…]


What are your thoughts?