Review Policy, Disclosures and Credits

Once again welcome to The Mystery Corner, a blog dedicated to all things mystery. This will include book, movie, series and game reviews. But probably mostly book reviews as I really enjoy reading!

Important Note

As I currently have a huge To Be Read pile I am no longer accepting any review requests. I first want to make a significant dent in my own pile before taking on anything new.

Review Policy

The Mystery Corner is an online bookshop (otherwise known as my blog), with the exception of actually selling books. The Mystery Corner is edited and written by me, so everything is original content and will be indicated if otherwise. All reviews posted are entirely based on my own opinions and feelings about the book, movie, series or game. Remember that I’m also just an avid mystery fan. As part of The Mystery Corner culture and my personal convictions I will not post any reviews of something I really disliked. As the saying goes: “If you don’t have anything good to say, rather say nothing at all”. I promise to always give an honest review. Each review will include information on the book, movie, series or game as well as a summary and the review. The Mystery Corner no longer uses a rating system as we do not want to influence your decisions whatsoever.

Review Requests

I really enjoy reading classic “whodunnit” mysteries (currently working through a Sherlock Holmes compendium) as well the more modern mysteries/crime/thriller, where it is sometimes difficult to distinguish the genre. These reviews will appear as part of The Mystery Corner.

If you would like me to review a book which is not part of the mystery genre, i.e. one which falls beyond the scope of The Mystery Corner, I might consider it if it sounds interesting. These reviews will then appear on Goodreads.


The Mystery Corner does not receive any compensation for services, advertising, reviews or content. Everything on The Mystery Corner is done for the love of mystery. Should The Mystery Corner (in future) receive compensation for any services, advertising, reviews or content such information would be disclosed to the reader and this section will be updated accordingly.


The Mystery Corner would also just like to give credit, where credit is due.

  • The theme used to create this blog was designed by Arthur (Berserkr) Gareginyan and is referred to as “Anarcho Notepad”.
  • Vector images used to create the awesome accompanying pictures/evidence/book covers are either from fuzzimo or Pixabay.
  • Google is also a big source of images. We do prefer to use images for non commercial reuse, with or without modification.