April 9

What doesn’t kill you…

WorkPlayI’m sorry to report that my absence has not been due to either a kidnapping or my involvement in a murder investigation… Alas, no it has been due to something far worse, something more sinister… WORK… I had a number of deadlines to meet and as a result the boundaries of my life blurred, a lot. But it is not all bad news. The boundaries are slowly coming back into focus and the next few months has a lot in store.

Book and Game Reviews:

Fortunately I did manage to get some reading done so there are two book reviews in the pipeline: (1) Like Clockwork by Margie Orford and (2) The Case of the General’s Thumb by Andrey Kurkov. I’m also currently reading Leaving Time by Jodi Picoult, the latest pick from my TBR jar. So rest assured, there are more reviews on the way.


And because I love gaming, I just couldn’t help myself on a recent outing to BT Games. I walked away with a few games, two of which will find their way onto The Mystery Corner, LA Noire and Murdered. I’ve just been promoted to the rank of detective in LA Noire, so given enough time I’m hoping to become the best detective the precinct has ever seen. (Cocky, I know, but hey why not!) You can also look forward to a review of the mobile version of Cluedo.

True Crime:

Obviously I have a clear interest in crime and mystery, so when I noticed a free online course over at Canvas Network dealing with FBI Investigative Concepts I immediately jumped at the chance to register. This online course will use an FBI Major Case referred to as the “Pizza Bomber” to teach the student how to gather, analyse and process evidence and data during an investigation. I’m really excited about this new learning experience and I plan to share my thoughts on a weekly basis.


On a different note, this year I plan to do some interesting posts on all things bookish. Currently in the pipeline are 5 Things To Consider Before Buying A Book and SA Crime Fiction: What’s To Come In 2015? (The titles might still need work, it has never been a strong suit of mine.. suggestions are most welcome…).


And last but no means the least, I am going to attend my very first book bloggers evening on Saturday at Monte Casino, Johannesburg hosted by the quirky and fellow geek Monique from Paranormalsphere and Urbanised Geek. I’m super excited about this event and I hear there will be goodie bags filled with bookish things. Who doesn’t like getting stuff?! Besides the stuff, I’m looking forward to meeting the other local bloggers and creating a new social circle filled with bookworms of all shapes and sizes.

A lot of exciting things happening in the next few months. If you have any suggestions, ideas or just things you’d like to see on The Mystery Corner, drop a comment or email.

Happy Hunting!

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  1. Yolande SteynBy Yolande Steyn on

    EXITING TIMES !! That WORK Situation sounds more annoying than digging a grave with a pitchfork. Welcome Back ! What about a top 10 must read books in this genre before you die… or get kidnapped (modern or classic ) . Or presenting your own Reading Challenge to the universe …or S.A.

    1. By Natasha B (Post author) on

      *Takes a bow* So glad to be back!
      I like your ideas! Definitely planning on milking your brain for more! *Evil laugh*
      Already got them down in my blog book!

  2. By Henriette on

    I would like you to do a general post on original books vs the translated version. I am interested to hear your thoughts since it seems like you have read a couple of translated books. :) Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on Brandon Sanderson’s Legion and Emperor’s Soul. 😉

    1. By Natasha B (Post author) on

      That sounds like a great idea Henriette! I’ll add it to my post-to-do-list. :) I personally have found that when books are translated from their original language that some things definitely get lost. I’m not sure if it’s a cultural loss or if it is just because of direct translation that the meaning changes. I recently read The Case of the General’s Thumb by Andrey Kurkov which was translated from Russian to English and I definitely think that some things got lost in translation. For instance all the reviews state that it is “blackly comic”, but I failed to find a lot of the comedy, besides the comedy of errors the protagonists made (You can read more about that in my review later in May :)). It could also just be that it was lost on me because I don’t fully understand the Russian culture. Who knows, but it is a great subject to explore.


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